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you all are fabulous and i love you :)! good night ( aka I’m just going to reblog some pictures now) 

Anonymous asked: I'm really happy for you, you deserve this!

Aw thanks so much :)!

Anonymous asked: Ah do you like Sam Smith? I love him!

yeeeppp this is funny because I’m listen to la la la right now 

Anonymous asked: WHAT?!

I’m just really happy right now :)!

Anonymous asked: You have a fan page?!

someone just made me one like idk whats going on but I’m down with it because it makes me feel special! but its on insta and it called: toopreppys_fanpage like i literally can’t stop smiling right now! :)


Anonymous asked: Have you ever been betrayed by a best friend?

ermm i don’t think so 

Anonymous asked: Have you ever been in love?

with 9 boys who I’ve never met…than yes